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ResMed AirFit™ P10 Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear

$118.00 $99.00

The AirFit™ P10 Nasal Pillow CPAP mask is ResMed’s quietest mask, 50% quieter than the next thanks to a quiet mesh ventilation system.  The dual-walled nasal pillows have one seal for comfort and one to ensure the tightest but most natural seal possible.  The included flexitube extends from your mask, allowing any sleeping position and eliminating any uncomfortable pulling or tugging that can disrupt sleep.

Remarkably, this mask is made up of only three parts - your mask frame, headgear, and nasal pillows.  Not only does this make for easy cleaning, but it also creates a more durable and hassle-free mask.  The comfortable headgear features a minimalist design that is easily adjusted.  With a forked design, simply push the straps together or pull them apart to make it tighter or looser respectively.  Sold with headgear.

*Small, Medium, Large Pillows Included