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CPAP Mask Liners, Nose Coze - Fits Respironics DreamWear CPAP Nasal Mask, 4 Pack



DreamWear “Nose Coze” Nasal Mask Liner

  • Creates a soft barrier between the skin and the lining of the mask
    • helps reduce skin irritation, redness and mask marks
    • absorbs oils, sweat & saliva that can degrade the mask cushion
    • helps reduce air leaks thus reducing overall mask noise
  • Made from a soft and absorbent polyester cotton interlock fabric blend
  • Liner holes can be easily cut to fit your unique mask and facial features
  • Elastic band is sewn into the liner ensuring a snug fit around the mask
  • Machine wash and air dry or dry on low heat
  • Fits Philips Respironics DreamWear nasal CPAP masks