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Fisher & Paykel Evora™ Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear

$220.00 $95.00

Introducing F&P Evora™, the new minimal nasal CPAP mask from Fisher & Paykel Healthcare featuring headgear that fits like a capEvora also features a unique compact seal which keeps the mask comfortably in place during sleep as it sits comfortably under your nose to create a gentle fit.

1. Minimal headgear designed for comfort. With 64% less headgear contact on the face, the soft-knit material provides comfortable support during sleep and avoidleaving marks on the face once removedThe headgear comes in one size with three points of adjustment to give you an easy and comfortable fit.

2. Just like putting on a cap. Unlike any other mask, Evora incorporates the world’s first CapFit™ headgear. With the unique design of Evora, getting started with your mask is as easy as putting on a cap.

3. Freedom of movement. The unique compact seals its comfortably under the nose to create a gentle fit, whilthe flexible breathing tube keeps the mask in place.

4.Helping you to sleep quietly Evora has been designed with exhaust holes to minimize noise and draft. There are four seal sizes available: Small, Medium, Largeand Wide.