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CPAP - Prescription Policy - 2021


  1. Objective
  2. Scope
  3. Policy
  4. Effective date
  5. Future setting
  6. Purchase
  7. Prescription
  8. International Customers
  9. Validity
  10. Exclusion


  1. Objective: The objective of Prescription policy is to inform all customers that Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies CPAP, Bi-PAP/Bi-Level machines, fully assembled CPAP masks and humidifiers as Class II Medical Devices and these products require copy of prescription to purchase them.


  1. Scope: All Customers, Sales and Customer services staff of CPAP are covered under this policy.


  1. Policy: It is the Company policy to keep all customers well informed that CPAP, Bi-PAP/Bi-Level machines, fully assembled CPAP masks and humidifiers are sold and delivered to any US address, only after receiving a copy of prescription. In case any customer does not have a copy of CPAP prescription, alternate options to order products shall be provided.


  1. Effective date: This Policy shall be applicable from 15th Feb 2021.


  1. Future Setting: Therapy devices (CPAP machines) are set to settings listed on the prescription prior to shipment. Should the customer require pressure adjustment changes in future, they shall contact CPAPplus Customer Service team for necessary guidance. Some CPAP units do allow settings to be changed through SD card provided with machine. However, before attempting any changes, it is highly recommended that customers seek appropriate guidance from CPAPplus on 1-877-791-3195.


  1. Purchase: Products can be purchased from following sources with prescription & without.


6.1. Purchasing with prescription - If prescription is available, following 3 ways can be used to purchase products:

6.1.1. Fax - prescription on 1-877-791-3195

6.1.2. Email - copy of prescription to

6.1.3. US Postal Mail – | 3851 SOUND WAY | BELLINGHAM WASHINGTON 98226


6.2. Purchasing without prescription -

6.2.1. Customer shall download a CPAP Prescription form, get the same filled by their Doctor and submit to CPAPplus.

6.2.2. Customer shall provide their Doctor’s information and CPAPplus shall obtain the prescription from them.

6.2.3. Customer can avail info on “Home Sleep Testing Program” from Customer service team.


  1. Prescription: Sleep physician or primary care physician (family doctor) shall provide CPAP prescription. However, prescriptions provided by following shall also be considered:

7.1 Doctor of Osteopathy

7.2. Psychiatrist

7.3. Physician’s Assistant

7.4. Nurse Practitioners

7.5. Dentist


  1. International: For customers outside US, prescription is not mandatory. However, it is highly customers recommended providing prescription so that device is programmed to customer’s personal settings.
  1. Validity: Once prescription is on file; it is valid as long as physician doesn’t recommend pressure adjustment to machine. Should this happen, customer shall contact Customer Service team to update the new prescription in their file.
  2. Exclusion: Following CPAP products DO NOT require prescription.

    10.1. CPAP Masks without headgear (Mask Kits): These include everything except the headgear straps (headgear can be added to make a complete CPAP mask)

    10.2. CPAP Mask Parts: Cushions, Headgear, Accessories, etc.

    10.3. CPAP Machine Parts: CPAP Hose/Tubing, Filters, Water Chambers, Parts, etc.

    10.4. Comfort Items: Tube covers, moisturizers, comfort pads, etc