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Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizing Companion Sanitizer, Disinfector and Cleaner

The Sleep8 ozone CPAP Sanitizer is the leader in market technology.
The Sleep8 utilizes ozone to sterilize everything you put in the disposable cleaning bag to sanitize your CPAP, BIPAP, or APAP.

The simplistic design makes it easy to use.
Simply unplug your PAP hose and plug it into the universal port on the inside of the bag.
Heated hoses, electric diagnostic hoses, and standard PAP hoses can all be connected to the port without the need for any additional adapters or equipment.
Then, with your mask and hose inside, shut the bag.
Finally, you click the button after plugging the Sleep8 gadget into the cleaning bag's exterior port.

The device will clean for 1 hour and turn itself off. We recommend that you don't open the bag for another hour after the cleaning is completed.