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Chapter 2: Level Up Your CPAP Mask Comfort.

  6 Ways To Upgrade Ypur CPAP Therapy

The good news is that if you are reading this, you are mostly looking to increase your comfort and you are already using a mask that at least works.   

It is probably the most important piece of starting therapy to get the right mask that works for you. It doesn’t hurt though to give a mask a go that is new to the market. Over the past few years there has been development in full face masks, nasal pillows, etc., that are light years ahead of options from 10+ years ago. 


Questions that will determine the most appropriate type of mask to use are: 

Do you sleep with your mouth open and/or breathe through your mouth? 

Do you have issues that affect breathing through your nose? 

Do you have a common sleep position? (Side, back, etc.) 

Do you have a CPAP setting of > 14cmH20? 

Do you care about how you look in a CPAP mask? 

Do you use the bathroom more than 2 times a night? 

Do you wear glasses or have facial hair? 

Do you experience skin irritation easily? 

Based on your above answers, it helps determine if there is possibly a more comfortable option out there that you may not have been introduced to.  


Here’s a scenario, picture the following:  

Let’s say you enjoy falling asleep reading at night or watching TV before sleeping, but you need your glasses to do so. Currently you’re using a traditional full-face mask, over the mouth and nose, and maybe even a gel cushion resting against your forehead that connects to your upper headgear.  

You may wish to visit the option of a hybrid full face mask like the DreamWear by Philips or the F30 series by ResMed. Some users also enjoy the advantage with these masks of the tubing connection being on top of the head, rather than on the front of the mask. 

Here’s another scenario, picture the following:  

Let’s say you used to enjoy a good mustache but needed to change your ways to get a seal with a traditional nasal CPAP mask.Page Break 

Maybe you want to unleash your inner Burt Reynolds again, perhaps a more modern, lower profile DreamWear by Philips nasal mask or nasal pillows? Or possibly a ResMed P10 or P30i? 

All in all, mask fit may be the most important part of CPAP therapy, and if there is anything we wish to get across here, is that the options are many. There is a wide variety of masks now that address the multi-faceted needs across CPAP users. 


Have you ever heard of CPAP mask liners?  

CPAP mask liners can also increase your experience in several ways:  

  • Added surface area: in some cases, users report it decreases the amount of tension required on headgear. 
  • Breathable material provides moisture wicking if you have an overactive humidifier or wake up with sweat. 
  • Added surface area: in some cases, users report it decreases the amount of leak previously experienced 
  • A liner between your mask and your face can keep your mask cleaner. 


Tools to Upgrade Your Mask with CPAP Therapy:  

Explore New Mask Types – For a preview of the most commonly purchase mask models by type, see below: 

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CPAP Mask Liners – See the benefits above. 

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