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6 Ways to Upgrade Your CPAP Therapy

Chapter 2: Level Up Your CPAP Mask Comfort.

The good news is that if you are reading this, you are mostly looking to increase your comfort and you are already using a mask that at least works.   

It is probably the most important piece of starting therapy to get the right mask that works for you. It doesn’t hurt though to give a mask a go that is new to the market. Over the past few years there has been development in full face masks, nasal pillows, etc., that are light years ahead of options from 10+ years ago.

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Chapter 1: CPAP Humidifier Comfort Calibration.

"When breathing normally, we can accomplish this by staying hydrated and drinking water. Because CPAP therapy delivers airflow at a higher velocity, it is important to supplement that airflow to prevent cracked lips, nasal infections, dry mouth, dry throat, nosebleeds, etc. But here’s some cool news: if you weren’t using CPAP therapy, and you wanted to calibrate the humidification levels in your environment for sleeping comfortably, exactly the way you desire, it would take a greater amount of work that is more wasteful and less accurate." Continue reading